Registration of a visit to Idea Ortopedia

    *ATTENTION: The exact date and time of consultation will be determined after verification and availability of a given specialist.

    Required consents - Consent is necessary for the successful completion of registration and appointment

    I consent to the processing of my personal data by Idea Ortopedia, ul. Piękna 15, 00-549 Warszawa in order to correctly register and arrange a visit.

    How to get to Idea Ortopedia?

    We are located at 15 Piękna Street in Warsaw - half way between Plac Konstytucji and Krucza Street.

    It's the entrance number 4 - at the end of the side yard.

    Where to park your car?

    You can look for a parking space underground at Inter Parking, Piękna 20

    What you should know prior to your first visit?

    Protective face mask is mandatory when visiting medical facilities.

    We accept payment by cash or credit card.

    Please bring your ID with you - for personal data identification.